Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Joint birthday at Oude Nektar ...

The family had a grand birthday party at Oude Nektar last Sunday.

Three of Mutti's first four, (of seven), children share the same birthday - 26 November.

Wilbert, Mutti's first, is no longer with us but he was definitely in all our thoughts.

All six sibs and most of their spouses were there and a small selection of Mutti's numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

It was pouring with rain on Sunday - but the climbing roses didn't mind at all

The Oude Nektar Dam

The cormorants, dabchicks and Egyptian Goose pair with their freshly hatched brood had no objections to the rain

Sibs and spouses in the cottage next to the dam

Thats Chiara hiding under the gorgeous locks

Ziska, John, Gigi, Miki, Sybe, Susse, Daumchen, Midori, Hans-Peter and Hans


The happy family

Miki the story teller and Gigi the listener

Daumchen, the saint

More stories

Hans listens

Hans-Peter ...

Susse, the sceptic ...


Midori with glowing halo


Midori, smiles

Maybe the bottle has something to do with it!

Naa.. - she's teetotal !

Fred and Rina

Hi Uli

These leftovers are especially for you!

Fruit salad

Daumchen's Pflaumen jelly

Daumchen's Stollen

Liqueur chocolates

and more!

The end ...

But not quite - look what I found

Lorraine Farm, Stellenbosch - Christmas Eve, 1999

To Mutti, Wilbert and Irmgard, and all those of you around the world and who were not able to share the day with us at Oude Nektar - you were all in our thoughts

Best wishes to you and your families and hope this post brings back happy memories


Uli said...

Dear Dennis,

Thank you for these nice pictures. I enjoy looking at your blog every day and this posting does bring back special memories. I was thinking of Hans Peter and Susse on November 26th. I really miss Mutti, Wilbert and Irmgard. Thamks for the fruit salad. Best regards, Uli

Rob said...

Hi Dennis
Congratulations on the pics with their very appropriate captions! Sorry I couldn't be there but this helps.