Saturday, April 07, 2007

Big Norfolk Island Pine Vessel ...

This is the project I turned yesterday, Easter Friday.

10am - Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) blank

The branches cut flush with the bole

The bark removed

Centred on the headstock spindle with reference to the deepest part of each pit above each branch. This way each pit can be developed as a window in the vessel wall

Shaping of the vessel just begun

9pm - Tired but well satisfied with a long day's work

The vessel is 360 mm (ht) x 275 mm (diam)

I finished sanding it this morning and gave it one soaking coat of finish (Woodoc 10, polywax sealer) before heading off at lunch time for duty at Waterfront Woodturners

Will post a pic of the almost finished piece tomorrow once it is off the faceplate

And here it is on Easter Monday, off/on the lathe having had the face plate spiggot removed and with one coat of Woodoc 10

It's an absolute beauty, one of the largest, if not the largest vessel I have ever turned

Now it must dry out properly

The knots will almost certainly crack after which I'll fill them with some very attractive brass powder before giving the whole vessel another couple of coats of finish and a thorough polish

I'll post a professional photograph once it's complete

And here is the other bowl that I almost finished on Easter Monday

See my previous post to which I have added today's pictures of finishing the foot of the bowl (See the latter section of that post titled 9 April 2007 - Easter Monday)

I have also loaded three YouTube videos which are available in the same section of the previous post