Tuesday, June 27, 2006

American Association of Woodturners 2006 Louisville Conference ...

Andi Wolfe has just posted reports and pictures of the AAW 2006 Louisville Conference:
June 21,
June 22,
June 23, and
June 24.

Thanks so much Andi for your efforts. It's great to have you instant insights into such events. Congratulations on the sale of two of your latest pieces.

Collectors of Wood Art ...

I've just discovered a site that will be of interest to turners who are aiming to produce and market top class work. The Collectors of Wood Art web site is at is a must.
The site includes information and reports on the annual CWA Forum, educational outreach programme and newsletters.
I have also added a link to the site under 'Links' in the sidebar of this blog.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Woodturning demonstration at Hobby-X Fair…

Last weekend I was one of the demonstrators for the AWSA at the Cape Town Hobbies Fair. Hobby-X is a very large event held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. There are a very wide range of exhibitors at the fair, from scrap-booking requisites and bead suppliers to major tool and equipment retailers.

As a result of our popularity with the public the WCWA is always invited by the organisers to participate and are provided with very generous exhibition space. We display an exhibit of many local and exotic timbers as well as having about four lathes ‘on the go’ during the four days of the event. The club members are also allowed to sell some of their own works. The event is attended primarily by ‘doers’ rather than ‘buyers’ so the AWSA use this annual event primarily to attract new members. There are other events during the year, such as the Cape Town Flower Show to which we are also invited, where we focus more on exhibiting member’s best work to potential collectors rather than attracting new recruits. It is really important to ‘tailor’ activities to certain events depending on the audience rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

All the items that are turned by the demonstrators at Hobby-X are put up for sale and the proceeds donated to a local charity.

It was pleasing to see that I seemed to have a large audience most of the time that I was turning. I turned a potpourri vessel of camphor wood (filled with camphor shavings) and a shallow bowl, the design of which one of the audience members assisted with. Both sold immediately they came off the lathe.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My car returned today ...

She was in the panel shop for one day short of a month!

But she is back today and looking as new as the day she was produced - wonderful

To see what happened see here