Saturday, January 24, 2009

How woodturning can revive a broken wine glass ...

What do you do with broken wine glasses?

Take one basic spindle, round it, drill a hole equal to the narrowest diameter of the glass stem

Taper the hole to fit the glass stem ...

... until the glass stem fits snugly

Reverse it on to the mini lathe

Round off all the remaining corners

Reverse it on to a cone revolving centre in the tailstock

Turn the spindle down to 25 mm diameter

Turn some beady and covey bits and a spiky bit for standing in the lawn at a Kirstenbosch concert or into beach sand

Increase the class factor by a factor of ten by adding some grooves

Increase the class factor by another significant factor by burning black lines with a piece of wire

Part it off to a fine point, insert the glass and add another tool to your tool rack!

Here I am with my friends Gerry and Holly at the Kirstenbosch concert with the resurrected glasses

Many of those around commented favourably about them

"Look Ma no hands"

Some recent woodturnings ...

My new specialised photo booth. Requirments: Basic stand - 1 small planet; upper diffuser - 1 medium cumulus cloud; lower diffuser - 1 weather textured "best 4v4 by far" bonnet; light source - 1 medium yellow star; setup time - negligible

Yellowwood bowls cored from a single bowl blank

Beefwood bowls cored from a single bowl blank

Close-up of beefwood bowls cored from a single bowl blank

Bubinga bowls cored from a single bowl blank

Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria excelsa) vases. I dropped them off at the waterfront this morning and the small one sold before I arrived home - wonderful

Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria excelsa) vase

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Grootvadersbos State Forest and Infanta ...

We spent 4 days of our Christmas break at Grootvadersbos with a Christmas day jaunt down to friends at Infanta.

Chris on his Landy crossing the Breede River on the pont at Malgas on the way down to Infanta

A beautiful big Hard Pear (Olinia ventosa) burl on a tree at Grootvadersbos

I've added two albums of pics on Facebook:

Woodturning Retreat ...

Wow - I haven't posted anything on my blog for ages.

Anyway I've posted a batch of photos on Facebook of our great woodturning retreat at John and Jane Wessel's place at Sedgefield with the WCWA.

Check out these 3 albums of pics.

Left is a pic of Gert Ferreira watching John demonstrating techniques involving pewter and woodturning.