Friday, September 24, 2010

AWSA 2010 Port Elizabeth - Day 1 ...

Day 1 of the 2010 AWSA Symposium begins at the Cape Recife School in Port Elizabeth

Jez Rowe, the AWSA Chairperson opens the event.

Andi Wolfe photographing the proceedings - photographing me actually!

Alan Ferguson - Durban

Left to right:
Let me know who these guys are and I'll name them

Left to right:
Alan Ferguson - Durban
??? and

The AWSA 2010 committee

Port Elizabeth

Jez Rowe, Nigel Waters and Rolly Pattel

Trent Bosch, the featured demonstrator from near Ft Collins, Colorado, USA

Wonderful guy and excellent demonstrator


Trent produces his own range if tools

The hollow form for Trent's

'Vessel of Illusion'

After morning tea I attended Rolly Pattel's demo on segmented turning

Planning is critical

Gluing the two half rings together with toothpics as spacers

A sneaky way of thicknessing the rings

Here is a link to a very clever mini lathe mounted drum sander by Awilda (Tita) Wilson and ...

here are some additional plans and pics for the same project by Greg Darling

Rolly Pattel finishing off his demo piece

I loved the soccer ball inspired piece by ??? for Schalk's Challange with the FIFA World Cup Poster behind

A wonderful piece by Wally Rossini

African Sun

Juri van den Heever of Stellenbosch

Night sky

Another shining example of work by Jurie van den Heever

An open segmented vase

Jimmy Stephenson


Nigel Waters

Sinking Soon

by Nigel Waters

Inter-Planetry Pregnancy - birth of a rock star

Nigel Waters

Searching for Surf

Nigel Waters


Nigel Waters

Nico Swart

Nico Swart

Nico Swart

Nico Swart x 2

Collin Merry making someones day turning a dinner platter for her dolls house

Collin has a beautiful jewelers lathe for his miniature work

Buffing a miniature vase

Back in another Trent Bosch Demo

Many examples of his work were handed around to illustrate different aspects

Andrew Stephens absorbed by Trent's demo

Nigel Water's demo on colouring and texturing

Burn baby burn!

Carving stands by a local supplier

One of the exhibitor areas

Trent's slide presentation

I really enjoyed his wide range talents including metal casting

And of course a braai at the end of the day

Discussing the dark arts!

Practicing the dark arts

The dark arts spell potions almost brewed

More dark discussions

Sharon Ferreira capturing the action for posterity

Ashwin Ramhith, Peter Nicolle and Gert Ferreira

Gert Ferreira - Cape Town

Peter Nicolle - Franschoek

Gigi Laidler photographer and AWSA's Turnaround Editor extraordinaire - Cape Town

Wendel de Buy - Cape Town

Barbra Mills and Marie Lawson making merry

John Derek - Cape Town

John Derek re-hydrating after a hectic day

Ted Horn? gave us a couple of rousing songs

Wish I had a voice like that!

Ashwin Ramhith - Alice

Schalk van Niekerk - Johannesburg


Gigi Laidler - Cape Town

Peter and Ineke Nicole - Franchoek

Another great Trent Bosch demo

Burr Olive Bowl

Rodney Band

??? Bowl

Rodley Band?

Sneezewood and ??? vessels

Nico Swart - Port Elizabeth

Wall plaque

Nigel Waters - Port Elizabeth

Fluted vessel


Selection of miniature turnings

Dave Stephenson - Sedgefield

'Fire and Motion'

John Wessels - Sedgefield

??? and 'Fire and Motion'

John Wessels - Sedgefield

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