Thursday, September 23, 2010

Off to Port Elizabeth for the AWSA Woodturning Symposium ...

We left Cape Town at 6am.

This was our first chilly stop on top of Sir Lowry's Pass.

Still too early, cold and windy for the baboons to put in an appearance.

Then we had a couple of obligatory stop/go sections where the roads were undergoing maintenance.

We jumped out to take pics.

Can't understand those that sit in their cars and vegetate!

The lazy sitters missed these beautiful Ixias? growing along the roadside

We saw ostriches ...

That ran away when Andi approached with her camera armaments.

So she just tugged back to the comfort of Binky

Due to packing and setting up the dual battery system in Binky I only got three hours sleep before the journey.

So Gigi drove periodically so I could catch a nap in the back seat from time to time.

Here is Andi Wolfe taking in the scenery.

Andi's blog also has lots of additional pics and videos.

Binky is well appointed with paraphernalia.

She/he/it is not just any old landy!

The view of Wilderness from Dolphin Point

Picture perfect.

The soon to be renovated (hopefully) Mossel Bay to George railway line

The derelict mansion on the slope that, since the floods about two years ago, is threatening to slide into the chasm below.

We stopped at the Scarab Market to visit Dave Stephenson at The Natural Edge

However he had already left for Port Elizabeth where we caught up to him later.

The wonderful chairs are by Richard Henley.

The turnings being admired by Andi are primarily the work of Dave Stephenson

Nice display of turnings

Dave's stunning collection (for sale) of minature turnings

More stunning turnings

And yet more ...

The courtyard of Scarab Market

Real mushrooms in the courtyard by the water feature

Onward to Port Elizabeth

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MyPE said...

Hope you enjoy your stay in Port Elizabeth, Dennis.

Where and when is the Woodturning Symposium?

And, by the way, my daughter Brittany will be thrilled to know the origins of the name Binky as she is a horse lover of note!