Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas carols at Kirstenbosch ...

We went to the Christmas carols at Kirstenbosch on Thursday 14th December 2006

Amazing to think that most of the northern hemisphere misses out on sitting outdoors with five thousand other people on a balmy evening in one of the most magnificent settings in the world.

Imagine five thousand candles lighting up the concert lawn at Kirstenbosch!

This is the concert lawn filling up before the 'performance'

Gates opened at 18h00 and the performance started at 20h00

Concert stage on the left under the white awning

I took this pic yesterday evening from the Kirstenbosch contour path on the evening after we had been to the concert

The event started with a great performance by a three piece marimba band called 'amaAmbush'

They gave a real high energy performance - great

The music for the carol singing was performed by the Cape Town Brass Ensemble and the Cape Town Mens Choir

Then came the angels and the carols

Christmas carols 'Africa style'

The audience streached way up the lawn

Links to two short video clips here and here

Excuse the poor quality but I now need to learn how to edit and save video clips in the ideal format recommended by YouTube

This is a good start though - I hope

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