Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Family Function at OudeNektar ...

On our way back from Marloth Reserve we stopped off in Stellenbosch for a family Christmas get-together on Hans-Peter's Oude Nektar Estate in the Jonkershoek valley.

Thanks H-P for providing such a fantastic venue.

Däumchen with grandson Nicolaas

Annette in background

Annette and Nicolaas

Ninkie,'Little David', Süsse and Sybe

Süsse, Miki and Midori

Daumchen removing splinter from Niko's finger

Lisa providing quality control

Josh and Rob

The dam

Marika's two daughters, Nieka and Kayla

Unusual pose according to Marika!

Nieka and Kayla

Marie with cousin (once removed) Nicolaas

Nicolaas with grandma Daumchen behind

Josh and Miki

"And he just picked me up by the scruff of the neck and ... " or words to that effect!

Marika and Margerethe paddling Nieka and Kayla around the dam

And Michelle and Paul's two daughters, Emily and Kaylee as well

'Little' David from Scotland just soaking up the sun

Nina and friend (or is it one of Bernie's daughters)

José and daughter Francesca

'Techno-kitten' Süsse


Thanks for the video of last year's clan gathering Chiara

This time the family will just have to make do with my blog.

You can either click on the hyperlink in the text above or click the play button on the window below to watch Chiara's video. To open the video in a new window or tab respectively hold down the shift key and "click" if you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer or "scroll button click" if you are using Mozilla's Firefox. The video will load slowly the first time and play intermitantly if you have a slow connection, like a dial up modem (shame), but once it has fully loaded you can play it over again continuously without interuption


Chiara and Miki



Gigi drooling over Ninki's, or is it Süsse's, new camera

The kids attacking the Knusperhäuschen



playing boule

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