Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Turning a big Avocado bowl ...

Here are some pics of the big avocado bowl I started turning on the 27th Dec 2006.
The diameter of the blank was a smidgen over 500mm once cut to the round!

This is where the Stubby 1000 comes to the fore. I could never have thought of trying this on the old Record CL3!

Started off by triming the blank with a chain saw until it was more or less balanced

Turned the outside shape

Formed a spiggot on the base to fit the Axminster Chuck with its 100mm Mega Jaws

The bowl blank was attached to the headstock with a three inch faceplate

Reversed the bowl on to the chuck

The beautiful Oneway live centre with its reversing attachment is just the right thing to ensure perfect alignment

There is a picture of how to use it in one of my previous posts

Face off the blank

Leave the faceplate in place though

You'll see why shortly

Using the Kelton 'bowl saver' to core out the centre

This way the centre piece can be re-mounted on the headstock, without having moved the faceplate

Using this method, three or more nested bowls can be turned from a single blank

This shows the shape of the cutting tip on the Kelton tool

Below is the centre removed

One can see that the Kelton tool cut nearly to the centre

The centre piece is removed by giving it a sharp wack and cracking the small uncut section in the centre

Obviously one must wack the side-grain quadrant of the core not the end-grain quadrant

I ended off by remounting the faceplate on the lathe and turning the centre piece into two more bowls!

Each bowl is left rather thick (10% of the bowl diameter) so that after drying and warping there will be enough material to re-turn each to a perfect round shape.

This re-turning will probably be done 6 months to a year from now for the biggest bowl!
The smaller ones, being thinner, will dry sooner.

BTW - I highly recommend the Avacado wood. Beautifully fine grained and easy to cut.

If you are ever offered Avocado wood DO NOT turn it down.

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